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The cross-flow filter

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  The cross-flow filter,Make the liquid flows tangental to the membrane surface.It changed the traditional filtration in which the liquid perpendicular to surface of filter medium.The filing liquid pushed by pressure flowing in the inner of tubular membrane in a high speed,Sweeping away the retained particles on the membrane,to avoid the accumulation of deposit and keep the membrane pores unimpeded So that to have a steady and constant filtration efiiciency.

  It using the PLC intelligent control system,It has the operating condition perceptive function of system pressure and rate of flow etc.The procedure can be settled on the touch screen according to the process requirements.Then it will run automatically,including filter,tecoil,error protection and alarm prompt.It has advantage like Easy to operate,Reliable operation,A wide range of applications,etc.

  Specializing as a wine filter,It has the following features:

  Using ceramic-based membrane bube and membrane surface of Alumina,Airconia or Titania;

  Standard Modular System,Compact structure,Easy replacement and maintain of the diaphragm assembly;

  Lower heating affection to the filter medium,benefit the wine sensory quality;

  Reverse filtration and washing automatic;

  Less void volume,maximum efficiency;

  Lower water consumption and energy expenditure.

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