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HSZ Charantaise distillating set

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Type Volume(L) Heating method Voltage(V) Weight(Kg) Auto-cleaning
HSZ 80
(lab use)
50 power heating or gas heating 220 60
HSZ 2100 2500 Coalheating ,gas heating or steam heating indirectly   1236 optional
note HSZ 2100can choose manual,semi-or conplete auto operation

  HSZ Charantaise distillating set employs a discontinuous distillation method to distill high quality spirits,such as brandy,from material wine.The machine can set distillation methods manually or automatically.HSZ Charantaise distillating set can distill high pure alcohol,and separate front portion,middle portion and last portion according to re-quirements.

  The form of structure:HSZ Charantaise distillating set is composed of pre-heater,distiller,cooler and manual or automatic parts.The above components are made of brushed copper and stainless steel.The preheater can save energy and increase the production efficiency,reduce one time investment and the cost of running.

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