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DSL belt filter press

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  DSL belt filter press is applied to separate residue from the juice automatically under the increasing pressure produced by the filter press.The pulp to be processed will be layed between belts evenly before filtration.

  The form Of structure:DSL belt filter press is made up of material feeding storage, uniform lead in press, L-mold roll press, S-mold crusher, scraper, residue discharge device, juice collecting plate, gas-adjusted device and operation device.

  DSL belt filter press can control the pressure adding on the pulp and adjust the speed of filter belts precisely to increase juice rate. Juice rate is different according to various raw materials and techniques, with enzyme treatment and water extraction, juice rate can reach 85%-90%.

DSL.1200 DSL.1800 Note
Capacity 5-10t/h 10-20t/h

  JJuice rate is different according to various raw material and technics.Exoerienced enzyme treatment and water extraction,juice rate can reach 85%-90%.

Juice rate 75% 75%
Power 1.8KW 2.2KW


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