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LSL diatomite filters

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Technical parameters
Type Regular filter area(m^2) Working pressure Filter chamber cubage(L) Blending tank cubage(L) Voltage(V) Power(kw)
LSL18 18.14 5 1100 225 380 13.75
LSL12 12 5 900 170 380 9.05
LSL10 10 5 750 170 380 9.05
LSL8 8 5 520 100 380 5.75
LSL5 5 5 390 100 380 5.75


  LSL diatomite filter is designed to filter edible liquid, such as wine, juice, etc.

  It is composed of four parts, including (1) rack, (2) filtration equipment (filtration device and blending tank), (3) material discharge system, and (4) control panel.

  The filtration equipment is made up of a set of filter boards, which are mounted in the stainless steel filter chamber. The exterior filter components designed by Yuchang Corporation are very flat in order to discharge juice easily during filtering process. In addition, the flat filter component is easy to clean.

  Filter components consist of a 304 stainless steel plate with a series of protruding heads and AISI316L stainless steel mesh.

  There is a small filtration device on the back of the main filter equipment to filter the residue.

  The pump on the material transmission pipe can produce pressure and push the liquid through filtration system.

  The blender is made up of stirrer and gear generator, which make the liquid to be filtered in the blending tank.


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